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BluuToast's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 7 (From 4 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 55 Points

Ancient Orb

Your First Purple Orb Unlocked 9/4/16
5 Points
collect a purple orb
Your first green orb Unlocked 9/4/16
25 Points
collect a green orb
Finish the game 100 Points see "the end"

Medals Earned: 2/3 (30/130 points)

Frantic Planes 2

Welcome Pilot Unlocked 7/22/16
5 Points
Play the game for first time
Frantic combos 5 Points Make a total of x10 combo
Planes Killer 1 5 Points kill a total of 50 planes in game
The first buy 5 Points buy your frist upgrade in shop
Critical Hits 10 Points Make more than 100 critical hits
First Boss over 10 Points kill the first boss
Lets fix the plane 10 Points Die 3 times and play again
Lets take the cash 10 Points Collect 10k money
Star collector 10 Points Collect 20 stars
Critical Hits 2 25 Points Make more than 200 critical hits
Frantic combos 2 25 Points Make a total of x30 combo
Lets take the cash 2 25 Points Collect 30k money
Planes Killer 2 25 Points kill a total of 500 planes in game
Second boss over 25 Points kill the second boss
Special Forces 25 Points Make more than 100 special strikes
Star collector 2 25 Points Collect 50 stars
Star collector 3 25 Points collect 75 stars
Survival Master 25 Points Survive for 10 minutes in survival Mode
Third boss kill 25 Points kill the third boss
Total Upgrades 50 Points Buy all upgrades
Monkey rescued 100 Points Complete all the game

Medals Earned: 1/21 (5/470 points)


Mike drop Unlocked 12/15/16
5 Points
Tyson was dropped from the game in 1990 after he lost the title.
Shitter Unlocked 12/12/16
5 Points
Follow me on Twitter.
You can't handle this! Unlocked 12/15/16
5 Points
Get punched out by Tom.
NeoGeo 5 Points Joing the Deathink fan club, follow Deathink on Newgrounds TODAY!
Punch Out Tom! 100 Points Beat Toms butt for blamming your submission.

Medals Earned: 3/5 (15/120 points)

Van Helsing vs Skeletons 2

First blood Unlocked 9/1/16
5 Points
Get the first kill
Girls killer 10 Points Get the murder of girl
Slasher 10 Points Get the first kill by saws
Box hate 25 Points Break the 25 boxes
50 bullets 50 Points Shoot 50 bullets
Bat destroyer 50 Points Kill 20 bats
Half way 50 Points Pass the first 20 levels
Spider slayer 50 Points Kill 10 spiders
TNT master 50 Points Blow up the 5 barrels of TNT
Skeleton hunter 100 Points Pass 30 levels

Medals Earned: 1/10 (5/400 points)